photo groupe igsnr 2023

The IGSNR team at the Saint-Alban site:
Bertrand VAUCHY – Jean CASABIANCA – Jean-Baptiste DUTTO – Paul WOLFENDEN – Bertrand de l’ÉPINOIS

Photo Credits

Pierre Antoine, Jean-Louis Burnod, Marc Caraveo, Christophe Guibbaud / Sipa, James Fletcher / Niki Rousseau, Denis Allard / REA, Marc Didier, Laurent Vautrin, Creation CARAVEO (r), Antoine Soubigou, Bruno County, EDF MÉDIATHÈQUE / Francis Chanteloup, Marc Didier, Geoff Harris, Cyrille Dupont / The Pulses, Copyright EDF / Olivier Guerrin, C. MEIREIS_CAPA, David Richard, Nicolas Waeckel


For their welcome and the quality of discussions, the IGSNR team thanks:

In France:

• The COMEX members and the executive of the DPNT and DIPNN
• The Executive of the DPN, UNIE, UTO, IN, and the Gravelines, Bugey, Chooz, Paluel, Saint-Alban and Flamanville 3 sites.
• The EPR2 project, CNEPE, Edvance, DI, OIU, DT and DFISQ
• The ‘Grand Carénage’ project, UFPI, DIPDE, DCN, the Audit Group Executive, MAAP, GIFEN, UMN and R&D at Renardières and Chatou.
• Framatome Romans-sur-Isère, Fuel and DTI.
• TechnicAtome, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and ITER.
• EDF Hydro and DTG
• Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in Paris
Sophie Krebs – curator for the MAM collections.

In the United Kingdom:

• Nuclear Operations, Sizewell B, Heysham 1, Dungeness B, Sizewell C and Hinkley Point C.

In the United States:

INPO, Vogtle Power Station, NRC and NEI and the French Embassy.